How Can I Help

Please note that the Association does not employ anyone.

We hope that members can spread the load by volunteering for any of the following:

1   Tutor or convene a class If you have a skill or special interest that could form the basis of a class (ongoing or a short course), please contact the Course Coordinators to discuss your idea.   We are always seeking new and innovative ideas to provide stimulating and interesting courses.

2   Class Coordinators. Every tutor or convener needs assistance in preparation for a class. Ongoing classes should identify a person to help the tutor. Class Coordinators of single session or short courses take responsibility for contacting the tutor to ascertain their requirements, opening and setting up the classroom (and closing), photocopy handouts if needed, introducing and thanking the tutor, operating audio-visual equipment when needed. Instruction sheets are supplied.

3   Assistant Class Coordinators These help single session or short course Coordinators set up and close the classroom, and organise the morning/afternoon tea.

4   Examination Supervision. Apart from being a useful public service, exam supervision provides U3A with additional income, which allows us to keep down membership fees. A Supervisor takes responsibility for collecting exam papers and exam room key from the TAFE office, carefully reading and acting on instructions from the exam provider, filling out necessary forms, and returning all required materials to the office. Every exam with more than one candidate also needs an Assistant Examination Supervisor who helps in setting up the room and exam papers, assists with oversight of examinees, supervises toilet breaks, etc. Start off as an assistant, then perhaps later graduate to the supervisor role.

5   Committee Member The committee has up to 16 members elected for a two year term.  We need willing workers, people with organisational skills and fresh ideas, people with computer skills – you don’t need all of these, any combination will do. The current committee are a great team who will make welcome any new committee member.

Please make your interest known on the term 1 Re-enrolment Form, or by logging in to our website and filling in the “Volunteer Area” in your member details