General Information


If you have a change of phone, email address, or postal address, you can log in on this website to amend your Member Details.  Otherwise please advise our office by phone, email, or post. If we need to change a venue, or cancel a class, we may try to contact you.

Badges. New members will find their identification tags on the wall rack in Lecture Room 1. Please wear it for identification as a member, and to help those whose memory for names is not what it used to be. If you lose your ID tag, notify the Registrations Officer.  Your emergency contact details will be printed on the back

What does your subscription pay for?  It covers the duplicating of class materials, morning and afternoon teas, equipment or materials needed by a class (which remains the property of U3A), newsletters and postage, cost of electricity and IT services, cleaning supplies, professional cleaning of the rooms once per term, hire of the Auditorium.

All other items such as textbooks, art materials, and craft materials are your responsibility.

Lunch.  Members attending sessions in the morning and afternoon of the same day can often be found eating lunch in Lecture Room 1. Feel free to bring your own lunch, or buy it at the TAFE cafeteria. Help yourself to tea or coffee.

Library. The library in Lecture Room 1 contains many books and some DVDs, most of which have been donated. Feel free to borrow books, making sure that you record the book out and back in the borrowing book.

Lost Property. If you accidentally leave something in our rooms, you may well find it in the lost property box, which is usually on top of the library shelves.


Borrowing Equipment.  Members wishing to borrow U3A equipment, such as furniture, must supply a written request to the committee a month in advance of the date of borrowing. If granted, a committee member will be in touch to make arrangements.