Joining a class.  Mark the class that you wish to join on the Course Selection Form. If the class is already full, you will be notified. Otherwise you can assume that your name will be on the roll. If you haven’t enrolled in a single session or short course class and wish to attend, in most cases you can turn up on the day and add your name to the roll.

Record your attendance on the class roll. AttendanceThis is a useful record of numbers attending, and is vital if an emergency evacuation is needed (we need to account for everyone). If your name is not on the roll (probably because you were late submitting a course selection), please add your name to the roll.



Apologies   For most classes it is not necessary to submit an apology if you cannot attend.

For pre-paid trips and other activities, it is important that you notify us beforehand.

For activities where numbers in attendance will affect the organisation of the class,  your tutor will provide a phone number or email address to contact.

Classroom Changes  

When a change is necessary, we will try to notify you by one or more of the following methods:

  1. An email notice – check your emails.
  2. A phone call – check your answering machine or message bank.
  3. A notice on the LR1 noticeboard – please regularly check the noticeboard.