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On Tuesday August 25, your President and 3 committee members met with Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) executives Martin Hawson – General Manager Community, Kate Henschke – Leisure and Culture Services Manager, and Nicole Jamieson – Governance.

MRCC and SuniTAFE had been in communication, and SuniTAFE confirmed that it required U3A to vacate its buildings.

Martin Hawson advised that MRCC would support U3A in the search for replacement premises. This process was seen to involve a short-term solution to allow us to continue to operate, followed by a longer-term solution at a later date.

Short term solutions: Your committee has identified a number of possible venues, and Martin Hawson is currently investigating a number of other possibilities. We will meet MRCC again on September 18, and hopefully we will then be in a position to consider the relative merits of each alternative, with a view to making a decision about next year’s venue.
Factors to consider about each alternative: office accommodation, sufficient rooms to accommodate most of our classes, readily accessible car parking, location convenient for the majority of members, and affordable rental costs.
We have made good progress in this search, so that members can be reasonably confident that we will be back to normal operations next year (pandemic permitting).

Long term solution: It was agreed that the most desirable long term result for U3A would be a purpose-built building. To be able to apply for the necessary grants, we would need a professionally prepared plan including a business model, source of revenue, running costs, building plans, and a building site with necessary permits. MRCC has offered to assist in this process.


We are keen that we should be able to resume classes as soon as possible, and we are certain that our members are keen as well.
As soon as government pandemic regulations allow, we will assess the situation (the news about regional areas today seems hopeful). Some class sizes might be restricted, and we will only have LR1 and LR3 available. Larger classes will probably need to relocate offsite.

When classes are about to resume, we will publish a revised timetable.


Through no fault of ours, members have missed out on classes for quite a lot of the year. But when we relocate, there will be extra costs to meet, and so we hope that members will continue to support us by renewing their subscriptions next year.

Stay safe and well, so that we can meet again soon.

Richard Curry
President U3A Sunraysia

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